Lightrom Mobile premium version 6.1 Download – New features


About Lightroom App :-

Lightroom for mobile and tablets is a free app that gives you a powerful, yet simple solution for capturing, editing and sharing your photos. And you can upgrade for premium features that give you precise control with seamless access across all your devices – mobile, desktop and web

With easy-to-use image editing tools like sliders, or filters for pictures, Lightroom makes photo editing simple. Retouch full-resolution photos, apply photo filters, or start photo editing wherever you are. Now you can also access all your Lightroom presets anywhere, and retouches and image edits on one device are automatically applied everywhere else

What’s new in the Adobe Light room 6.1.0 update?

      • Color Grading tool is introduced and is substituted with Split Tone tool ,now you can control midtones, highlights, and shadows in more creative way.
      • Graphical Watermarks feature is introduced by which you can apply your own graphical watermark/elements to your photos , branding in photography will be way more easier than ever with the help of this feature.

Now i will tell you some important features of Adobe Light room 6.1.0 version.

  • New Versions of your edit will be created automatically as you edit.
  • Now you can Follow your favorite photographers on creative cloud platform to get quick access to their content.
  • PROFILES, which can be use for one-tap miracles to create visually striking changes in picture and you can also adjust the strength of the Profile which applied in Adobe Light room 6.1.0 full unlocked version.
  • Healing tool which will take complete control of your image by removing unwanted particles from your photo, for a perfect result.
  • Selective adjustment tool which helps you to Precisely edit any part of a picture with your finger or stylus to apply enhancements with exact detail in selective region of a picture in Adobe Light room 6.1.0 full unlocked version.

How to download Adobe Lightroom Mobile 6.1.0 update full version for free

Click below on Red Download button to get Lightroom Mobile 6.1.0 update full version.



Like any photo editing application, Adobe Lightroom gives you various functions that you will spend a lot of time getting to know and explore. When you grasp them to a certain extent, creating beautiful images is no longer the complete factor. After you’ve got yourself a shot of your own, the next thing you need to do is pass them through various filters.

Each filter will have its unique characteristics and colors, so the first thing you need to do is don’t panic and experience each color one by one. If you think the job is tedious, then you are wrong. Seeing the effects in your work gradually change will bring you different experiences, and you will find it interesting. At the same time, this will give you experience when choosing the suitable filters for your photos.


Adobe Lightroom gives you many elements that any user would like to experience. It offers users excellent camera effects and helps you to capture outstanding photos for easy editing. The filters will also give users more uniqueness and can customize each element available in the image. So, you will be delighted with what the application can bring.

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